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Anti-Ageing: The New Age Dream

Nourishment is the key to healthy living and for ages humans have thrived to get the best quality food along with the right blend of nutrients. Nutrients in turn are the building blocks which helps us to sustain our living systems.

Food is an important factor in the process of ageing and hence the primary objective is to have quality food which would slow down the process of ageing. The entire concept of slowing down the process of ageing is an amalgamation of a few branches of science, namely- anti ageing medicine, biomedical gerontology and experimental gerontology,

One must understand what cellular rejuvenation is if he wants to understand the process of anti ageing. We all know that our body undergoes constant wear and tear; this process is continuous. Our body is able to repair most of the damage but some are irreparable. Anti ageing science believes in tissue regeneration in a manner which would drastically minimize the irreparable cell damages.

This process has to be initiated first; hence one needs anti ageing food products in order to slow down the process of ageing. These food products are a cocktail of basic nutrients like vitamin E, C, D and B. Some also have complex compounds of folic acid within them. Fad diets have a very basic objective; they aim to reduce the consumption of fat and carbohydrates. Although such food products are primarily weight loss products; they can be linked to the process of anti ageing.

The process of ageing is influenced by various factors like lifestyle and tendency to indulge in high risk activities like smoking and drinking. All these have different effects on the cellular level and the effect at the cellular level is what affects ageing. However one must understand that the process can be retarded by several agents like the use of vitamins.

Vitamin A interacts with the free radicals present in our body. The presence of free radicals is very harmful since they interact with the cells of the body and give rise to various problems like genetic mutations which in turn results in ageing. Ageing is a predominantly genetic factor and such changes are neutralized by natural fruits and vegetables like papaya, watermelon and carrots.

Vitamin E is another anti-aging component which is very good for our body. It acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-oxidants help to combat the process of cellular ageing. Vitamin E containing creams and lotions are very effective in combating the process of ageing. Vitamin E would prevent the wrinkling of the skin and wrinkles are considered to be obvious signs of ageing.

Fish and olive oil rich diet can give a boost to the Vitamin E content of your body hence it is important to consume food which is rich in Vitamin E content. It can be applied through the various types of creams which are available in the market containing the right blend of vitamin nutrients.

Anti ageing supplements can also be taken orally and some are available in online stores. Natural antioxidants come from carotenoids. Green, orange, yellow, white and red colored fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of anti-oxidants. Over consumption of certain vitamins can be toxic for the human body since there are a number of levels which our body can sustain. When such levels are exceeded our bodies tend to treat them as toxic substances.

There is a school of thought which believes that the presence of anti oxidants inside our body can substantially reduce the process of ageing. Hormonal supplements like oxytocin, human gonad tropic hormone and insulin are capable of reversing or slow down the process of ageing.

Selenium and zinc treatment has also been experimented with and researches have found satisfactory results. However there are associated problems with such therapies since high doses of metals in our body can be harmful.

A new concept always has a certain number of critics, in the same way there are a number of people who oppose the concept of anti ageing. Some researchers have concluded that ageing is an unstoppable and irreversible. They believe that our bodies are designed to age according to the laws of thermodynamics.

They have strongly opposed the use of hormonal treatment which is quite common in the United States. There have been instances where excessive hormonal shots have caused harm to the body.

You must be wondering as to what kind of products are the best for anti ageing. There cannot be any definitive answer to this question; however the general opinion always suggests natural food items which have low carbohydrates and fat levels. Red meat protein consumption is being discouraged now days since this particular type of protein is suspected to accelerate the process of ageing.

One will be surprised to know that a number of people have started depending on raw food stuff like raw vegetables along with fruits. They believe that raw vegetables, milk and fruits would decrease the process of ageing since the food value would not be disturbed due to cooking.

Cooking food at high temperatures often inhibits the food value; you would seldom eat semi cooked food.

Anti ageing products have a huge market around the world but you must know the pros and cons about these products. There are places where one can get anti ageing and weight loss combo offers. They help people to rejuvenate their youth and stay healthy for a long time. The journey has just begun towards the reversal of the process of ageing. You might be seeing the tip of the iceberg but there is a lot more which is yet to come.

With more and more research, scientists are delving deep into the science of ageing. Hence the concepts of genetic engineering and stem cell research are coming up. Someday cloning might be the answer to anti-ageing.